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Block 6 - RandomRandom Build

This is a classic 'B' style setup (Stair-step) with your opposite (Yellow). Target a double high grip with your piece partner (Green), as they will be lifting up their arm to present it to you(*Some teams use a wrist grip, but for this explaination, we will be discussing the double high grip). As you pick up your grip, it is important to get a 90 degree angle in your arm to avoid getting stretched out in the random which could negatively affect the block maneuver. In the photo you will see a line drawn between the Point (Red) and Tail (Yellow) flyers, along with two shaded boxes; we will discuss this more in detail in the next section.

Block 7 - Top of Block

Random Build

For most teams, the continuous sidebody setup will be the go to random setup for Block 7. This helps establish proximity between the two buddy pairs along with good visual communication between the Point (Red), and Tail (Yellow) flyers for the key. It is good for the outside flyers to target their piece partners arm grip as the priority grip (or grip closest to the center of the formation). Targeting the leg gripper first may leave you stretched out and reaching for the arm grip.

S5 Box