Debriefing a Skydive 

Debriefing a skydiveOne of the most productive ways to increase learning and create a positive supportive atmosphere, is to develop and implement a structured debriefing system. 

The reason we strive to take on new challenges in life is because of the learning and growth we experience along the path. In creating and following a debriefing system that supports growth versus decay is essential for our continued love and passion in the sport of skydiving. 

We have all been in an environment where we come down from a skydive with our friends, coach, or fellow teammates, where there may be a natural tendency to only look at what went wrong with a jump, as opposed to what accomplishments just occurred. When faced with these types of caustic situations; failure, dejection, and anger often come about. This stymies growth, learning, and when this plays out, we often look at other avenues in life to pursue. Failure and or persecution is the number one ingredient to just give up and quit.  

Below is an outlined formula (training system) which has been very successful for many top level skydiving teams. Developing and implementing a successful debriefing formula is a quintessential blueprint for a success based mindset which aids in the learning process. 


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