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Block 6 - RandomRandom Build

This is a classic 'B' style setup (Stair-step) with your opposite (Green). Pick up a leg grip up on Point (Red) and present your wrist grip to Tail (Yellow). Allow OC (Green) to adjust their levels in relation to you while you maintain a steady fallrate.

Team Building

Team BuildingDeciding upon starting a team or joining a team can and will be one of the most rewarding life experiences you can embark upon. The joy of individuals coming together , working hard, and accomplishing common goals will be an experience that one will more than likely never forget. The team building process can be a daunting task as many of us have truly never have been involved on a team with defined goals, or have been on teams which have adopted the name in principal, but have failed to truly adapt and understand the true meaning of being on a team. Although this article is written for people who are interested in the team building process for skydiving, the formula may easily be adapted to any sport or business setting.

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