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Block 7 - Top of Block

Random Build

For most teams, the continuous sidebody setup will be the go to random setup for Block 7. This helps establish proximity between the two buddy pairs along with good visual communication between the Point (Red), and Tail (Yellow) flyers for the key. For the inside flyers, set up this random in an offset open accordion picture with each other as shown on the photo. You will see a continuous sidebody picture throughout the formation when executed properly. 

What to look for in a teammate

What to look for in a teammateWhen organizing a team, or co-workers collaborating on a project to accomplish a goal or project task which takes more than on person to accomplish; it is important to look at different factors as you are looking for specific and different qualities in teammates. So what are elements to look for in potential teammates.

There are a variety of things to look for in a teammate which can range from their Attitude, Integrity, Ability, Passion, Personalities, Commitment, and Potential are to name but a few. All of these factors can become overwhelming when looking for team members to fill the roster or come together to collaborate on a work project.

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