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 Random Build

Block 7 - Top of Block

For most teams, the continuous sidebody setup will be the go to random setup for Block 7. This helps establish proximity between the two buddy pairs along with good visual communication between the Point (Red), and Tail (Yellow) flyers for the key. For the inside flyers, set up this random in an offset open accordion picture with each other as shown in the photo. You will see a continuous sidebody picture throughout the formation when executed properly. 

Initiation of Block

Block 7 - Inter 1

As an Inside flyer (Green and Blue), it is important to be static and avoid any pre-loading before the key is given by the Outside flyers (Red and Yellow). When the key is given, utilize good lower body input to initiate your turn. There tends to be pressure built up on your body because you are the one being side-bodied; therefore, extra input with your lower body will help you keep tight to the center throughout the block maneuver. 

Continuous Cog

Block 7 - Inter 2

Throughout the turn there will be four sidebody pictures which happen if the above step is accomplished sucessfully. You will have either a traditional sidebody picture, or a reverse sidebody picture as you see in the above photo. What is important is to trust your turn without trying to see each sidebody target. Trying to see everything may cause you become off balance in your turn and either cause you turn out away from center, or cause you to turn into the center. A true centerpoint turn is more of a feeling of balance when everything is in allignment in your body. 

3rd Sidebody Target

Block 7 - Outside Inter 3

On the last part of the block maneuver, there will be another sidebody picture between you and your piece partner (Green to Red in the above photo) Think about presenting and feeding your arm to the Outside Flyer (Green or Red) on the finishing of the block. There are two elements which you need to take in consideration at this point: a) Should I be diligent and soley reference the other piece to keep the distance between the pieces close together, or b) should I just think about finishing to my piece partner and close the block no matter what? I honestly wish there was an easy answer on this one; I like to say do both! At the end of the day, which is better and quicker to get moving to the subsequent point? The choice sometimes is not as easy as it seems and may vary from one block to another. 

Completion of the Block

Block 7 - Outside - Completion

As mentioned above, think about feeding your arm to your buddy partner on the completion of the block as you maintain proximity with the opposite piece. Present shoulder, and then complete the move with your lower body!

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