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Block 6 - RandomRandom Build

This is a classic 'B' style setup (Stair-step) with your opposite (Green). Pick up a leg grip up on Point (Red) and present your wrist grip to Tail (Yellow). Allow OC (Green) to adjust their levels in relation to you while you maintain a steady fallrate.








Block 6 - InterFirst Move

When you key the formation with OC (Green), think about driving forward exchanging center-points with OC (Green). As you initiate your move, maintain a good body position and allow OC (Green) to establish the verticals necessary for this block. Unessary diving or arching agressively will create too much verticals between the pieces. Keep your eyes over your right shoulder as you cross underneath OC (Green) just to the point where you can see the Point (Red) flyer start their move. This also gives you an indication on how much levels you will need to adjust back to on the completion of the block.






Block 6 - Inter 2180 Target

At the 180 target, you will see a donut picture between yourself and the OC (Green) flyer. At this point, think about floating back up to take away any levels which were created in the beginning of your vertical transition. It is also important to keep a neutral arm with the Tail (Yellow) flyer and avoid trying to pull them across the center of the formation. 






Block 6 - The catchThe Close

Plan on reaching up to catch the Point (Red) flyers leg as you float back up towards the finish. 









Block 6 - CompletionCompletion of the Block

Have an attitude that you will catch whatever is presented to you, which could be the knee grip, inner thigh grip, or even bootie material. Get eyes with OC (Green) on the completion of the block, and key the formation when it is ready.

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