Team Contract

Contract for Working Together

Contract for working togetherA Contract for working together is an agreement with your teammates and with yourself to actively commit to self-improvement by being supportive of your own learning, and being supportive of the improvement and learning of our team members. It is an operating guideline that allows clear, responsible communication and action to develop between team members.

The best organizational results are achieved when there are clear individual and group goals that the team commits to achieving. Further, tasks and processes leading to goal accomplishment need to be evaluated by the team members on an ongoing basis and "course corrections" made to ensure that the goals are achieved. Rigorously attending with equal balance to issues related to people, process, and task is the key to our team successfully accomplishing their goals.

In and effective work environment, the leader may determine the norms to guidelines members operate within, but each individual and work group actually determines how they will proceed within those specific boundaries. This contract is and agreement about how we will proceed with each other as we work to accomplish our goals.


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