Online Coaching


Hiring a coach for a day can be expensive, and often necessary for the continued progress of a teams development. There may days where you simply do not have access or the financial resources to hire a professional skydiving coach for a whole day of training. There may be other times where you just need an outside professional to simply watch your skydive and give you pointed tips and a thorough debrief in effort for continued growth.


SkydivingCoach Logo SmallOnline Coaching saves you time!


SkydivingCoach LogoOnline Coaching will save you money!


SkydivingCoach LogoOnline Coaching and Debriefs will give you an objective outside point of view!


SkydivingCoach LogoOnline Coaching will cut through the emotions and give you the right areas to focus in on!

(Example of what your online debrief will look like)

Example Debrief

Cost per Video Debrief and Analysis - $20.00

How to receive a Debrief?

Step 1 - Upload your video to your Vimeo, Youtube, Dropbox (Or your favorite video hosting site), and send us a link via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to the videos you wish to be debriefed on.


Step 2 - Send us a Payment via Paypal 


Video Debrief and Analysis

Step 3 - Once we recieve the video and payment, we will review and analyze your video.


Step 4 - We will send you your thorough debrief within 3 days (Normally sooner)



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