John HamiltonJohn Hamilton - Founder and Coach

As a Skydiver, John Hamilton is renowned for not only his skydiving talents but for his teaching and coaching gifts. As a competitor, John has represented the United States Skydiving Team in both at home and abroad on many occasions and reached the top of the sport. After amassing 28 years worth of training and skydiving techniques and experiences with thousands of skydivers, John is driven to give back to the sport that has given him so much fulfillment and success.



Josh HallJosh Hall - Coach

Retired Arizona Airspeed team member and current World Champion, Josh rocketed to the top of the competitive arena and recently won gold in the 2012 World Meet in Dubai. His natural skills and talent has been instrumental in the development of the most current techniques in the world today. 





sarah2Sarah Smith (Smithy) - Coach

Both a world champion and has many world medals in both 4-Way and 8-Way FS. She has represented the United Kingdom at every world level event since 2008, and has brought four player coach teams to world class levels. Her love and passion for skydiving shows in all aspects of skydiving career.  





Ari Perelman - Coach

Accomplished Wind Tunnel and Skydiving Coach, Ari has well over 1000 hours of flight experience in Wind Tunnels. With only 3,500 jumps, Ari is at the top of his game in both Free Flying and Formation Skydiving. His natural abilities, attention to detail, and youthfulness brings a fresh look to World Class skydiving in multiple disciplines. 


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