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Building a Strong Foundation

All great skydivers had their humble beginnings when they learned to skydive after their first Tandem, AFF, or Static Line Jump. By focusing on the core elements of skydiving, you also will start to develop and build a strong foundation for your skydiving career.  

Great skydivers are great at the basics. Understanding the importance of a proper body position with good balance is the key in learning how to fly along the 4 axis's of flight (Up and Down, Forward and Backwards, Slides, and Turns). With a little passion, desire, motivation, and knowing where to go for great coaching, you too will accelerate on your learning path towards personal excellence! 


Online Coaching - NEW!!

Online coaching is a valuable resource to get professional input, coaching, and debriefs on videos that you submit to us. Have one of our professional coaches analyze your video to save you time, money, and repeated mistakes.

Block 17 Hop 

Wind Tunnel Training

Great skydivers are great at the basics! It all starts with understanding the importance  of a proper body position along with movement along the 4 axis of flight. The ability to go up and down, forward and backwards..

Skydive Coaching 

Skydive Coaching

Everything from one on one training, to team coaching. Coaches are available to teach you the core foundations of flight, and advanced free fall maneuvers and techniques.



ProperRig     Diving-Exit  

John Hamilton

How to properly put on and adjust your rig.


John Hamilton

Diving Exit Basics

SkydivingCoach.com Team

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